Top Value Builders: The PRIVATE EQUITY eDGE

Find out how Private Equity Players and the World's Top Companies Build Value and Wealth!

The solution: Dig Deeper to Act Sooner is simple but not simplistic!


Fresh value-creating insights and tools from the best in private equity.

Written by Arthur Laffer, a pioneer in supply-side economics and the inventor of the Laffer curve, and value building experts William Hass, and Shepherd Pryor, The Private Equity Edge delivers innovative, practical ideas for creating value and wealth that can be used by businesses small and large, public or private. Weaving value, the people effect, risk, and macroeconomics together with lessons from the secret world of private equity players use to create huge shareholder value and wealth for their partners.


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Building Value through Strategy, Risk Assessment and Renewal, CCH 2006

Close to 90% of large companies report using "strategic planning" as a key management tool, but few do it well. Management adequately assesses strategic risk in even fewer companies. For those facing dramatic change, corporate renewal is often delayed or avoided until problems reach crisis proportions.

Building Value through Strategy, simplifies the sometimes complex and confusing aspects of strategy, risk assessment and renewal with a variety of war stories, expert insights, best practices, and one-page reporting and oversight formats that help balance short-term performance with long term health.

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